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Area Rug Cleaning

Bishop Clean Care has the most advanced rug cleaning capabilities in our area. We clean all types of rugs including genuine or imitation oriental, Dhurrie, hooked, oval braided rugs ... and many more.  As always, our training and experience allows us to provide services no other cleaner can match!

Our "rug bath" allows us to totally immerse rugs, so that we can then flush water through the rug, removing imbedded soil and contaminates.  The results are amazing, often revealing colors and pattern definition that were never noticed before cleaning!    

Using proprietary techniques we have developed over time, we are able to remove most pet urine and related odor from even severely contaminated rugs.  The best advice we can offer is to not let your pets urinate on your rugs but, if they don't listen, we are ready and able to help you!

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