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Dog Odor

We all love our pets, BUT they can be trying at times! Bishop Clean Care has invested considerable time and effort in learning how to remove odors created by pets. As a result, we are able to remove pet urine odors from carpet, and even expensive oriental rugs, to a level that continues to amaze us! Using deodorizing agents and cleaning techniques that didn't exist several years ago, we now see ... and smell ... excellent results. Sometimes pet urine damages colors in oriental rugs permanently and we try to let you know that prior to cleaning. But, even then, we are usually able to remove the offensive odor.

Pets odors are, of course, the most common odor removal situation that we run into, but we are also able to remove cigarette odors from homes & cars, funky protein smells (think leaking coolers full of seafood), smoke odor from fire-damaged structures & contents (see our Fire & Smoke Damage page) and, yes, even those strong odors associated with dead bodies (animal or human).

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