Bedspreads, Comforters, & Draperies

Bishop Clean Care specializes in cleaning draperies, comforters, bedspreads, quilts, mattress “toppers," washable rugs, heirloom clothing and other time-consuming & “out of the ordinary” items that many cleaners would rather not process. However, since customer service is our primary concern, we’re happy to take the time needed to fulfill your cleaning expectations!

Fire & Water Damaged Homes and Clothing

We have the expertise to clean clothing from fire and/or water damaged homes ... and we remove smoke odor in the process! Depending on what actually burned in the home and how hot the fire got, soot and odor on fabrics can be difficult to remove. The hotter the fire, the more likely soot staining and odor will be permanent, but our advanced deodorizing techniques achieve amazing results!

"Do-it-yourself" cleaning will sometimes permanently set soot stains that even Bishop Clean Care will not be able to remove, so please bring us a representative sampling for test cleaning before doing anything! "Clean" clothing that smells like fire is of no value. Let us remove both the soot and the odor!

Uniforms & Miscellaneous Items

We also clean band uniforms, football uniforms, military and ROTC uniforms and even medical scrubs, sheets, towels and pillow cases. Sometimes these items are cleaned for individual customers, but often we contract with schools or medical offices to clean these items on a bulk basis.

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