Wedding Gown & Formal Wear

Wedding Day

18 Dress 2 before afterBishop Clean Care is the “go to” place for cleaning wedding gowns and other formal wear, all of which can become heavily soiled during the big day. Many have spills, but even more have hemlines that are coated with mud and grime. We often have to clean these gowns several times to remove all this soiling, and we will safely do whatever we can to get your gown and formal wear as clean as possible.

We also have the capability to box up your freshly-cleaned wedding gown in a special acid-free storage box, suitable for compact, long-term storage ... until your daughter is ready to wear it! One word of caution: NEVER store wedding gowns, or any other garmets you care about, in a hot attic!

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22 Boxed Dress ready for packaging

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