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Bishop Clean Care


Home of the Tuebor Cleaning Protocol 

We Clean:

  • Area & Oriental Rugs

  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Hard Floors

  • Draperies

  • Fire Damaged Structure, Contents & Clothing

  • Water Damaged Structure, Contents & Clothing

  • Wild Game Mounts

We also provide comprehensive Disinfection Services!

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Tuebor: To Guard & Protect

  • The Tuebor Protocol is our defined method for cleaning & potecting our customer's items based on established industry processes & standards

  • Everything we do is guided by these protocols, and they should be applied by anyone operating in our chosen fields of service 
  • We freely share our protocols in order to educate our customer's and to encourage the industry to deliver excellence in all they do

Area Rug Cleaning

Complete and Thorough

Our approach to area rug cleaning is the most comprehensive and thorough in the area, resulting in far more exceptional results than possible with any other method. 

Tuebor Protocol for Area Rugs:

  1. Dry Soil Removal: Remove dirt & other particles trapped deep inside the rug’s fibers

  2. Submersion & Cleaning: Pre-spot, apply accurate cleaning agent, and use continuous water flow to remove all foreign matter 

  3. High Speed Rinse:  Rug is placed in our state-of-the-art centrifuge to remove remaining contaminants and cleaning solution

  4. Controlled Drying: Rugs are dried in our environmentally controlled facility & are continuously tested using our calibrated moisture meters to ensure complete dryness

  5. Post Detailing:  Fringes groomed, prepared for pick-up or delivery & wrapped for protection

Carpet Cleaning

Expert Service

We've been cleaning carpet since 1975 and have been recognized by the SCRT (Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians) as one of America’s top ten cleaning firms. We provide Hot Water Extraction as our primary cleaning method, but are highly qualified to use other cleaning methods, if needed. We use truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines, insuring the hottest water, the strongest water pressure and highest vacuum pressure, all while safely removing waste water off-site for proper disposal. All detergents used in our cleaning processes are environmentally friendly.


Our team is cleared through background checks and are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) to insure that our clients receive the most technologically advanced services available in the marketplace.

If you have questions, give us a call! We are ALWAYS happy to answer your questions!

Hard Floors

Better and Brighter

Bishop Clean Care provides the best tile and grout cleaning results in our area. We use our truck-mounted cleaning units, which are able to generate up to 1,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) of water pressure, enabling us to flush out embedded soil from grout lines that the "mop and bucket" brigade just can't touch!

Getting grout clean is only half the battle. After cleaning, we can seal the grout, making it difficult for soil and staining materials to penetrate grout's highly porous surface, which makes it much easier for you to keep it looking its best!

We also clean vinyl, wood and many other types of flooring. If you have questions, please contact us, since we are always eager to help our customers! Our only reason for being here, is to serve YOU!

Upholstery Cleaning

Bring out the color and warmth!

We clean residential and business upholstery like no other, including:  Silk, Satin, Haitian Cotton, Jacquard Weaves, All Natural and Synthetic Fibers.  Our technicians are able to clean fabrics that other, lesser-trained, cleaners cannot clean safely.

Drapery Cleaning

The Finishing Touch!

Sun exposure and atmospheric soiling found in every home and business will eventually cause drapery materials to deteriorate. Periodic cleaning will slow, or eliminate, this deterioration, since mild acids created by the combination of heat, humidity and the soils mentioned above are neutralized during cleaning. 

Bishop Clean Care personnel are trained to clean your draperies in your home, or we can remove your draperies to our facility for cleaning. If desired, we will take down your draperies, clean them in our plant and re-hang them in their original position. We are also able to clean other window treatments, like cornice boards and swags.

Water Damage

When water intrudes, we can dramatically reduce the damage!

Bishop Clean Care's Disaster Restoration Services, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, specializes in cleaning fire or water damaged homes and businesses. We've been doing this work since 1975 and have the most advanced equipment and training in our area. No job is too large or too small! Our personnel are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which means that our team knows how to dry out YOUR home or business and furnishings completely and in a timely manner!

Restoring water damaged structures and contents is dramatically different today than it was when we started our Disaster Restoration Services over forty years ago, but we have developed an expertise that is unmatched and a service that is unsurpassed!

We are preferred vendors for most major insurance companies in our area and will often process your claim, submit paperwork and receive payment directly from your insurance company ... allowing you to stay focused on getting everything else back to normal.


Fire & Smoke Damage

Removes the odor and saves your household items!

Fire in your home or business is devastating and can be a traumatizing event. Everyone on our team is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and qualified to clean your home or business with a high level of expertise and experience. 

We are a preferred vendor for most major insurance companies and will work directly with them to make sure you receive the best service available. Due to our experience, claim processing moves very smoothly. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are able to answer your questions and guide you through the difficult process of getting your home or business back into its pre-loss condition.

Additionally, we also specialize in cleaning and deodorizing clothing and other items like bedspreads, draperies, upholstery, carpet, area rugs, stuffed animals, luggage, shoes, and just about anything else found in your household. We have been restoring smoke damaged fabrics since 1954, and we have consistently earned the accolades of our customers and their insurance providers. 

If you’ve had a fire loss and you don't know what to do, give us a call! We will be more than happy to give you free advice about how to get your home or business back to normal.


Freshening up a smelly area


We all love our pets, BUT they can be trying at times! Bishop Clean Care has invested considerable time and effort in learning how to remove odors created by pets. As a result, we are able to remove pet urine odors from carpet, and even expensive oriental rugs, to a level that continues to amaze us! Using deodorizing agents and cleaning techniques that didn't exist several years ago, we now see ... and smell ... excellent results. Sometimes pet urine damages colors in oriental rugs permanently and we try to let you know that prior to cleaning. But, even then, we are usually able to remove the offensive odor.

Pets odors are, of course, the most common odor removal situation that we run into, but we are also able to remove cigarette odors from homes & cars, funky protein smells (think leaking coolers full of seafood), smoke odor from fire-damaged structures & contents (see our Fire & Smoke Damage page) and, yes, even those strong odors associated with dead bodies (animal or human).

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Bishop Clean Care's Guiding Principles lead everything from our customer engagements to our recruiting and employment efforts, as well as the actions, decisions and efforts we make on a daily basis:

  • Intense Level of Trust
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Be Fair & Do the Right Thing

  • Details, Details, Details

  • Collective Collaboration

  • Dependability

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The Best Team in the Business!


Bonnie Bishop

Director of Finance & Administration

Bonnie joined Bishop Clean Care in 2003 and handles all scheduling and financial aspects of the business.  She's most likely to be that friendly voice you hear when you call in to schedule work and runs the daily operations of our office.


Della Horton

Stan Bishop

Founder, 1st Generation

Stan founded Bishop Cleaners in Valdosta in 1954 and was one of three brothers who established dry cleaners under the Bishop name in Georgia and Alabama.

In Plant Operation Supervisor

Paul is our resident go-to for all things mechanical.  He's been with the company for over 19 years and has developed an extraordinary knowledge base that benefits both Bishop Clean Care and our customers in many ways.

Steve built on what Stan started, joining the company full-time in 1975, though he was a "child laborer" in the business many years before that.  He expanded the company to include floor care, upholstery and area rug cleaning, as well as disaster restoration services.  Karen has worked by her husband's side throughout, serving many years as the Director of Finance.   Steve & Karen are now trying to stay retired, while enjoying traveling, fitness, and helping others grow in their faith in Jesus.

Andy Bishop.png

Andy Bishop

President, 3rd Generation

Andy Bishop is responsible for overseeing all operations within the company and insuring that the highest quality & performance standards are maintained by our entire team. Andy holds certifications by the IICRC in the following areas: Master Textile Cleaner, Master Fire and Smoke Restorer, Master Water Restorer, Applied Microbial Remediation, Odor Control, Color Repair, Fire & Smoke Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Carpet Repair & Reinstallation, Applied Structural Drying, Fire & Safety, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Maintenance, and Rug Cleaning. Andy has also attended Clean Care Seminars' Management & Marketing course, as well as their Disaster Management & Marketing course. 

Fire Restoration Supervisor

Della Horton is responsible for making sure that all fire damaged homes, businesses and contents are cleaned to their pre-loss condition, and usually better! Della has been with Bishop Clean Care since 2010, and is well known for her drive to make sure that her customers are well-satisfied when she leaves their home.

Chairman Emeritus, 2nd Generation

Steve & Karen Bishop

Paul Fornes

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Hours of Operation

Mon: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Tue: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Thu: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Please let us hear from you!  In the old days, we did this via a telephone call.  You know what?  We still kind of like those days.  So, call us anytime: (229)244-2470!

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Industry Leading Certifications

Second to None

IICRC Logo.png


Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

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Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians

The IICRC standards serve to develop common, industry-accepted language and terminology that enables us to more universally discuss concepts and procedures regarding cleaning, inspection and restoration. You can also review our IICRC Standards Development Process Summary.

The IICRC is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) member and accredited standards developer. ANSI is responsible for overseeing the development of national consensus standards and verifying that the requirements for due process, consensus, and other criteria for approval have been met by the standard’s developer.

The Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians is a nonprofit trade association for companies of all sizes and sectors in the inspection, cleaning, restoration, and related industries.
The SCRT's mission is to be the leading worldwide resource that provides members with up-to-date technical, management, and marketing information.
The SCRT will help companies be successful in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, industry coworkers, allied vendors, consumers, communities, and the environment.

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